AMA: Thanksgiving Q&A

My best tip for a successful holiday feast.


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How was your week?

I’m back home and sleeping in my own bed, which is always a win for me. On this week’s AMA, I’m troubleshooting your Thanksgiving questions. If there’s one thing your take away from today’s post, let it be this: ASK FOR HELP. Can you bring a pie? Can you bring a salad? Can you deal with the drinks? DOING IT ALL YOURSELF IS NOT THE FLEX YOU THINK IT IS. Really. People love to help!

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I’m hosting Thanksgiving for the first time ever! 12 people, including the in-laws. I love to cook, but worry about all the elements. What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people making on Thanksgiving? 

My Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving
My Gravy Recipe

Do you have a general schedule for your Thanksgiving meal? What do you make ahead? When do you start the turkey process (assuming you aren’t just throwing a frozen bird in a hot oven!)? What happens day-of? And what about those of us who have limited space???

Have your own Thanksgiving Qs? Drop them in the comments. I may be able to answer OR someone else may. Lots of smart people in this community.