My Favorite Memory of Anthony Bourdain: AMA #10

Plus, why every recipe seems to be SPICY right now.


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Here are this week’s questions, answered in the above video:

From Ed:
My question is historical.  When did we begin to have spice (heat) a significant part of most “modern” recipes?  For example, it seems like virtually all recipes on Cooks Country, and similar cooking shows, now have at least some crushed red pepper.

To place this in context, I have had the good fortune to spend some time in Chengdu, China – the center of Szechuan artistry.  My hosts warned me at one restaurant that one dish would produce heat in the front of my mouth, another at the back, and another dish would make my lips go numb (the descriptions were right on!)  I am not a great fan of heat, I found the careful balance of heat and spice wonderful, certainly much better than the gratuitous jalapeno approach I find most everywhere now (evidence the Super Bowl adverts for flaming Frito-Lay stuff this year).

So, can you provide a bit of perspective/commentary. 


Mala Market
The Woks of Life
China Sichuan Food

From Robin: 
My question is about your friend Anthony Bourdain, and I hope I am not overstepping here. He was such a magnetic presence. He made those of us following him from afar feel like we were a part of his life and he is so deeply missed. I just ordered a shirt of him flipping the bird and it makes me smile when I look at it. 🙂 I can almost hear his voice when I look at it. 

Can you share a favorite memory of time you spent with him and how he influenced your life going forward? 

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