My New Series, Wild Game Kitchen, Premieres TONIGHT!

Tune in at 9pm ET on Outdoor Channel


Tonight, my new show Andrew Zimmern’s Wild Game Kitchen premieres on the Outdoor Channel.

As a lifelong outdoorsman and chef, I’m thrilled to marry my passion for hunting and fishing with cooking over fire. I think these cooking episodes are some of my best work, and I keep asking myself why?

People ask how I do it all. The truth is, I don’t. For a few dollars a month, you can support Spilled Milk and the team that makes it.

I love teaching people to cook.

Viewers can tell when I am having fun, and this show was a blast to make. And if you don’t hunt or fish, don’t worry, this show will help you in your kitchen too, even if you buy your turkey at a supermarket!

Do you love to grill over open fire? Well, this is the best show for live fire cooking enthusiasts that I have seen in years. Simple and easy recipes that are beyond delicious.

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Why Wild Game Kitchen? And why now?

America’s food supply system is stressed. The pandemic has created demand for people to source and cook their own protein. Remember all the people who made their own sourdough for the first time in 2020? Or people planting gardens—whether in their yards or on a fire escape?

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Growing and cooking our own food isn’t a trend; for many, it’s a necessity.

And it’s not going anywhere. Wild game, foraged foods and fish are in many cases a renewable resource that are a key part of helping home cooks address those issues and eat in a healthier, more natural way.

In each episode, I create a meal using wild food, accompanied by seasonal sides from my garden. These meals will be delicious, sustainable and easy to make, with the goal of helping people maximize the enjoyment of sourcing their own food. It’s also about easing the struggles that home cooks have in the kitchen AND at the grill.

Some of the recipes I make in season one include:

  • Walleye shore lunch with homemade tartar sauce

  • Duck gumbo

  • Seared venison with crispy potatoes

  • Grilled trout with herb sauce

The premiere features grilled venison, and duck gumbo.

Oh and BY THE WAY…. The Monday night line up on Outdoor Channel is INCREDIBLE.

They’ve dedicated three hours to culinary programming. From 7-10pm ET, you’ll get back-to-back shows highlighting wild game cooking. It’s unlike anything they’ve done before, and I think it’s going to be so cool.

Tune in tonight & let me know what you think!

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