The Self-proclaimed "Food Nerd" Everyone Should Be Following: AMA #12

Plus, my favorite fruit finds on the road.

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Here are this week’s questions, answered in the above video:

From Stephanie Prostak 
In every country you have visited you've been welcomed so warmly by people proud of their traditions, history, community and to have a chance to share it with others.  Some of those countries have since fallen into conflict and chaos either within themselves or with other countries. I think of your trip to Syria, your trip to Russia, so many other episodes... All of these amazing people who were later involuntarily dragged into someone else's idea of the way things should be. How do you cope with it?  Have you been able to keep in touch with some of these people to see if they're ok?  My heart bleeds for all of them. 

From Denise
When I travel out of my Midwest town…the first thing I gravitate to is the fruit. Everything is better than what I find in Illinois. With summer approaching, can you share some of your favorite exotic fruit finds?

From Quinn
Any advice for someone trying to get into the culinary industry, particularly with consulting/recipe development. I'm somebody with a severe physical disability, so I can't go to culinary school or work my way up through restaurant jobs. Still I develop recipes, make my own food content, and self-published a cookbook. Without more formal education and experience, it's difficult to make the jump into having actual professional opportunities. So I would love any thoughts you might have.

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