The most over-rated food trend: AMA #4

Plus, the most misunderstood destination with kindest people.

Ask me anything.

Every Friday, I’m answering your questions. It can be anything— favorite movie I’ve seen lately (Don’t Look Up); my favorite candy (microwaved Red Vines is up there… don’t knock it till you try it); the destination I can’t wait to get back to (Rome. No, it’s Cuba. Wait, anywhere in Asia).

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Here are this week’s questions:

Deb D.
Hi Andrew. I'm from Iowa, so we're neighbors. : ) Anyway, I watch all of your shows and enjoy all of them. My favorite to date is The Zimmern List. Will you be doing any more shows and if so, when? Thanks!

Rodney Scott’s in Charleston on the Zimmern List.

I’ve been catching up on Zimmern list now that it’s all on Magnolia. Just love these…so relatable. My two Qs for you-- Most overrated current food trend? Most underrated current food trend?

Regina K
Where is the most misunderstood place you have travelled in terms of kindness of people?

Filming Bizarre Foods: Syria

Filming Bizarre Foods: Syria

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When I say ask me anything, I really mean anything. Get creative, thought-provoking, or just plain weird with your questions— guarantee those are the things I’m mostly likely to answer.

Have a great weekend! -AZ

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