What's your favorite childhood food memory? Chit Chat #8

For me, it's my grandmother's roast chicken.

What’s your favorite childhood food memory?

Sometimes, food memories are bound up in the food itself. Other times, it’s about the setting, or the people you’ve experienced it with. In my mind, it’s childhood food memories that are often the most powerful. To this day, the smell of my grandma’s roasted chicken recipe transports me right back into her kitchen in late 1960s New York.

Grandma… I love this woman.

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There’s nothing quite like a perfect roasted chicken, especially served with her pan gravy. Get the recipe here. Miss you and love you, Grandma. - AZ

What’s your favorite childhood food memory? Share below, and watch the above video for mine.

Who needs a flux capacitor when you can just make this roasted chicken?
Chicken and gravy— recipe is on my website & linked above.

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