Why I Think Tipping Should Go Away: AMA #13

Plus, cookbooks I'm working on, and a word we should erase from our vocabulary.

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This Week’s AMA, Part 1

The tipping conversation got very heated last week. Fun to read through the comments. Below, you’ll see a snippet from one that really bugged me.

“In a tipping model the tip belongs to the server who worked for it. I understand the wage gap between FOH & BOH, but there’s always the opportunity to change one’s career path and move to FOH or another avenue.”

Listen to my thoughts in the video above.

Any thought to a FD inspired cookbook? I’ve picked up so many ideas from these families…since seeing it done, I will not make pasta sauce without ground onions! 😂

I have found a new career during the pandemic working as an Operations Manager for a food pantry/market serving anywhere from 800-1000 families a week.  Many are new Americans, many are veterans, many are children, all are our neighbors.  Have you ever considered doing more TV production work based on the necessity of food pantries and the breaking of the stigmas associated with them?


I just moved back to Mn after living in Md for 27 years. Would you be able to share some of the best Markets to shop for global foods (Asian, Mexican, Hmong, Farmers, Deli) in the Twin Cities? So much more is available than it was back in the 90’s.  Would love some guidance.  

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