AMA: Don't even bother making this at home.

Plus, my favorite (?) food books


How was your week?

On this week’s AMA, I’m coming to you from beautiful Boise, Idaho. We’re talking food lit and tater tots… I have a hot take on both.

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What are you making this weekend?

Still thinking Thanksgiving here. This week, it’s all about dessert. My baking skills are average at best, but dessert during the holidays is a non-negotiable. What are your absolute musts for Thanksgiving? Mine is a tarte tatin. Here are 10 desserts recipes to consider this year. And a reminder: all my Thanksgiving recipes are on my website.

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This Week’s Questions:

Jeanette asks:
I wondered if you have favorite books (fiction) that you have enjoyed that featured great stories that had great food elements.  Please consider reading the following as they will not disappoint.  They will remain in your head in a good way.

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender:  A young girl, Rose Edelstein, has the ability to feel the emotions that channel through food of the chef, the mother, or the workers that picked or cooked them.  A beautiful and engaging story that will really draw you in.

And my other favorite and perhaps one of the best:

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. This book is a masterpiece in a million directions.  Read it in the winter for full pleasure.  I will only say that you will find a chapter that includes multiple people of all different status is life helping one many collect food to create one great magnum opus of a secret meal for the simple pleasure of celebrating eating great food with great abandon during hard times and struggle.  You will never want this book to end and you will never forget it.

Do you have any favorites?

Cheri writes:
As you know, tater tots have made a huge comeback, and with good reason! Their crispy, slightly fatty, potato-y goodness has deservedly made them a palette for countless creations. But what I really want is to make homemade tater tots for the simple glory of a crispy, naked tot next to some ketchup with a bit of hot sauce mixed in. Is that so much to ask? I am telling you, I have not found a recipe in all my searching. Only recipes that use frozen, processed tots (which are not bad and often, even good) with various things on top. If anyone can develop a recipe for a homemade tot, YOU CAN.  Are you up for this challenge? Thanks!

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