SPILT MILK (SPILT English/Irish version)

by Wm Butler Yeats, Ireland "s most

beloved poet.

We that have done and thought

That have thought and done

Must ramble and like spilt milk

Thin out on a stone.

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Feb 3, 2023Liked by Andrew Zimmern

Great questions!!!

Love Atlanta, hate the airport. Only airport I ever got stranded at, overnight…weirdest, longest night. shivered a lil just looking at it!

Question about going back…. Loved your perspective, feel similarly, I am this person because of what I’ve been thru, good & bad. Sure, maybe a do over of a stupid decision or two, or a conversation that needed or didn’t need to happen….

But if I went back, it wouldn’t be for me. I lost a friend due to his alcohol problem, he was only 30. He hid it well. If I went back, I’d go back, rally the friends, see if we could change that outcome.

Still thinking of where I’d chose for my “hot-tub Time Machine” go back time period….

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Atlanta a pretty-damn-good food fan town, yet the airport is a nightmare to navigate, along with the heinous express system that is usually at a constant turtle pace...

Interesting response to the 2nd question... Your interpretation lead you and other subscribers to reflect on regrets, do-overs or wish I never there... First thing that came to my mind was when growing-up in the year 1962 to 1976; those were the years I was 5 to 17... a era long gone. People who grew-up or lived in middle-class suburbs, when there was a blissful span of time... A time when one could leave all there door open, and never locked; being able to leave your car unlocked and the keys under the floor mat... remember that stretch, Iit brings tears to my eyes at 65...

To see what society has grossly eroded to crime riddled, class and gender slamming, the rampant racial divides in multiple directions... and it's at a point where it's a double roll of toilet paper long examples... I will always seriously lament that time in US history and what we have morphed into, shameful... I feel sorry for those who didn't get to live in those days peacefulness, openness and calm... I'm not so gullible, those were the middle and upper-middle class suburbs... Inner city Milwaukee was truly a night & day racially divided city, and it's only gotten worse... look at the death of so many Black youth have lost their life to police brutality, sinful..!!!

Otherwise, 1920 to 1933 Paris would be my era of choice... I too Andrew have a college degree in Fine Art & Art History as a double-minor. then an Associate degree in Grfx Design, Commercial Art & Printing.... Mother was a fabulous local artist, volunteered at Milw, Art Museum teaching all mediums of canvas art, oils, acrylics, watercolour, drawing & clay sculptures... Paris would be perfect for both of us...

As for regrets and do-overs, NOPE... sure I have them, yet it's made me the person that my friends tell me they truly respect, open, honest, ethical, principled, witty & humorous... those various missteps are what built my character, and those stumbles build humility, which there definitely a grand and gross shortage of today... humility can build confidence as well, correcting course is a self-empowering sense of accomplishment... More humbleness and a ton less arrogance and self-importance needs much more considerations...

With your darker times, yet emerging stronger, humbler and a sense of overcoming anything that confronts you and dealing with it, which you've done in an exemplary fashion... you may regret that time, yet I don't think you'd change it, perhaps modify, but it's part a your character, of which you are, that's what's makes you so likeable Andrew..!!!

Btw: If you ever get into deep hot water in Atlanta or Georgia, give me a buzz, anytime of day... my cousin is a Sr. Assistant DA for Georgia, lives in Atlanta.... feel free, don't hesitate and I'll make the call...

Enjoy Colorado, bundle-up, hit the slopes & warm-up with a few Baileys Irish hot chocolate and/or coffee... Being a Wisconsinite skier & you a Minnesotan, "Bring on the Deep Freeze, we'll melt-it... SOooo CHEERS & Bottoms-Up Andrew, enjoy that those semi-long chairlifts rides...

Also, who are you rooting for come the Super Bowl or betting-on?? ...and they don't necessarily have to be the same team... just saying... I'm sure you were hoping for the Vikings, myself Packers...

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Feb 4, 2023Liked by Andrew Zimmern

You're just full of surprises from ATL....art history major? Politics? I can totally see both since you're creative and like to affect change (or is it effect? no I think it's affect in this instance.) If I could turn back time, (Cher) I would not have been with the toxic men I somehow thought were awesome at the time. Love is blind, right? I think it would have been cool living in Laurel Canyon as a young adult in the 60's...oh but it wasn't mean to be. Have fun on your travels ~

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Feb 3, 2023Liked by Andrew Zimmern

Where are you coming in Colorado? Ski country? We would love to see you in Fort Collins. If you can make it up here, we have the #1 speakeasy in the country! Called "Social" - you would LOVE IT!!! (I'm the one who begged you (twice) to develop a homemade tater tot recipe :) Cheri

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You never really answered my Anthony Bourdain questions, but that is A-OKAY -

Save it for your book.

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