“I like having hands.” 🤣

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Will there be more of the Zimmern List at any point?

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Love that I get to watch you be a judge on TOC! And with Guarnascelli and Silverton no less 🤯 I am TEAM SWEET T!

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Ever since its' debut November 1, 2006 (pilot episodes) then the series episode on Monday, February 6, 2007, at 9pm ET/PT. was a grand day in Culinary television!!! I still watch, set for "series record" voilà... There became a time, when you went from on being at each destination, doing the sampling of bazaar foods... yet somewhere around 2015-16 you stopped being there and you became just a narrator, that's when I thought you might be having health issues???

I watched a lot of travel channel food shows initially, then notice, you were narraying various segment from Food Paradise episodes... eventually I figured you be back in person doing the shows again... 2015-16 not back, 2017 not back, 2018 not back, thus I began to think, "Your not a light eater, and we all watch you indulge, thus perhaps your doctor recommended a food sabbatical...???

It would be tremendous if you did a reboot of Bazaar Foods, call it "Bazaar Foods" Reloaded"... yet I truly enjoy all your shows, Bizarre Foods / Bizarre Foods America / Bizarre Foods Delicious / Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World +plus The Zimmern List which was terrific!! Watching you interact with others diners, same is true about Family Dinners, heart warming interaction and the remminising, it wonderful... yet Magnolia Network SNAFU'd that moving it from Sundays to Saturdays, idiots... Family Dinners usually is a "Sunday" family affair... I would never thought they'd move-it to Saturdays, mrons...

The Big Food Truck Tip was fabulous, and I'll bet that was one of your favorites show creations... here's a few lesser know or remembered, Andrew Zimmern's Driven by Food, Dining with Death, I've watched them'all, which will always be the case...

The reason I continue to "series record" is because your narration is truly wonderfully colourful and riddled with interesting fact & trivia, +plus your fantastic memories from being there before, or a place very similar trigging other memories... couple that with the fact of your openness & empathetic nature, that why you became one of my mentors, thanks for that...

Someday, if you get sidetracked and end-up in Milwaukee, perhaps we could hoist a couple brews & have the original, genuine Butter Burger @ Solly's Grille, a JB Awarded, "An American Classic" award... I saw your Culver's video tweet... Culver's can barely shine in the light of Solly's...

Always best regards,

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Dupont Farmers Market is one of my favorite stops in DC....such a tremendous local food scene.

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If our weather holds out and we don't get anything worse than a little wind and maybe a little rain, I am making my first visit to Patty and Franks. Must check out the entire food hall. I have been reading about all of the new food halls opening up in Atlanta. One in Dunwoody ,and another inside Phipps Plaza. They're the nearest to me. but I am doing Krog Street and Ponce City markets perhaps next weekend. But Patty and Franks is my FIRST stop. Can't wait.

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Yes, please don't eat your hands.....they're rather nice.

Today I sat next to some women from MN at lunch....they tell me I should check out the State Fair this year. Where's my girl, Holly??? Let's go!

AND, I had a burger today, which I do maybe twice per year. It was just what I needed.

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Glad to see you in DC!! Absolutely loved Bizarre Foods and love what you're doing now!

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I love a bison burger. Do you have a certain type of meat you use to make a good burger at home? Would love to see a video!

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Hi Andrew

We are a composite of our lives

for me it was an Italian Grandma that

I saw infrequently but her love and

sharing food she made was huge

Another Grandma, Swedish, much more

love time but same ways of making

something out of nothing from depression

times. The common denominator was the

love of family and neighbor that I saw

For me, I see we need to get back to

love, not just of the sustenance that we

crave but for what we can share to bring

love in our community. Doesn't have to

be fancy. Enough of my take!😊

Grateful for your journey and sharing!

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Love how you write and share, and slip in that "Mom"s cast iron skillet" reference. With the kind of exposure your palate gets, That's Another thing I don't understand How you do - Choosing YOUR fave must have All kinds of parameters we don't know about.

What Exactly is it that makes those Beef Joints stand out so far it is the Most Memorable?

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