B-O-L-O-G-N-A, a Love Letter: AMA #5

The sandwich that's seen at my best, worst and everything in between.

Ask me anything.

I loved this week’s Qs— when have you ever been able to answer BOLOGNA to back-to-back questions?

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Here are this week’s questions, answered in the above video:

Chuck J
Andrew, as a kid did you ever eat Spam, baloney sandwiches, Vienna sausages, potted meat, or any other cheap food that was forced upon us by our parents that you now hate? My #1 on that list is that canned half pear topped with mayonnaise and cheddar cheese. That thing passed for our desserts about 5 out of 7 days. This might be just a Southern thing, though. 

Fried bologna sandwich. Yellow mustard is key.

Regina K
When you had no money, what food did you eat that you liked and could afford? Do you still eat it now?

The famed fried bologna sandwich from Turkey & the Wolf in New Orleans… run, don’t walk! Want the recipe? Pre-order the cookbook here.

The bologna sandwich from Martin’s BBQ is worth the trip to Nashville alone.

Chris B
Andrew, as a guy who wants to grow a beard but is unlucky in that respect - keep it!! From someone who is interested in cooking and perhaps dreams of owning a restaurant someday. What would you say to someone looking to improve their skills? Focus on ONE thing and do it to perfection or experiment in as many styles as you can until you're comfortable in almost any situation

Want to me answer your questions next week? Drop them in the comments!

When I say ask me anything, I really mean anything. Get creative, thought-provoking, or just plain weird with your questions— guarantee those are the things I’m mostly likely to answer.

Have a great weekend! -AZ

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