Tarragon is just not used enough. One of my favs. Looks absolutely delicious esp on this hot almost summer day! Particularly with that tarragon , compound butter “spackle “ ☺️

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Boy, does that bring back memories. When we were teens, my dad and brother each had private licenses in MA, allowing us a total of 20 traps each season (though we never went above 15). We would bring in about 300 lobster/season, so gave A LOT away. The poodle got lobster. But the funniest memory (to go along with what Patricia did, sharing the fun memory) was watching my mom prep baked stuffed lobsters, which were a big thing back then. There was no steaming or boiling in advance - she thought that just messed it up. So ... picture this ... 5' tall blonde Italian lady with a very big knife (thnk the small size of machete). Large cutting board. Lobsters. Now, our beach house kitchen was a central gathering place as food was going in and out and to the picnic and dining tables, and so on .. so inevitably there were the uninitiated present, chatting away. Without warning anyone, while chatting away and barely acknowledging what she was doing, mom would lay a live lobster on its back, stick the knife in hard where the video has "cut one," tip down, then immediately

slam the knife down to the cutting board, bisecting the lobster. I cannot tell you how many people ran nearly screaming from the room. We used smooth beach stones to hold down the tails to prevent curling while baking.

I started sophomore year at Vassar with my arm in a sling from an injury from hand pulling traps - minor surgery on my right hand required. That first week of school was generally lots of finger food and beer ... it was quite the challenge. The tiny scar that you can still barely see is a badge of honor.

And now I am allergic to lobster (karma?) Still cook it for family, though, and I love the smell of lobster sauce cooking for hours on the stove. Damn, I miss it. Thanks for sharing your technique ...

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Looks awesome! How long should they be steamed?

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Nothing better than fresh Maine lobster. This looks awesome. As a New Englander I have had lobster many ways. I especially like adding hot sauce to the butter to enhance flavor. Not so hot that it masks the taste of the lobster.

Friends would cringe when I used my cleaver to split lobsters in half (they were steamed minimally first) before searing cut side down on the grill and flipping to shell side to hold the compound butter to poach to perfection.

The funniest lobster story I have is re: my Grandson's wedding in Denver. (he and his wife are from NH originally) Lobster was 4.99/lb that summer. I bought, par steamed and froze the lobster meat and vacu sealed. For the wedding I brought an extra suitcase from MA loaded with frozen, vacu sealed food including the lobster. For the post wedding brunch, we had lobster eggs benedict! Everyone thought I was nuts but food for a crowd was precooked. It stayed frozen throughout the flight and no issue checking a bag with food!

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