Hey everybody, is this just too stiff a topic to handle? Do you want ideas that are less serious? This is a good place to let me know! Personally, I don't think we can make any changes in our world without shifting our culture and making sacrifices ourselves is the only way to do that.

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We hunt for our protein, and most of the species we hunt are abundant. But this year, the Caldor Fire incinerated most of my mountain quail hunting grounds. There were some spots outside the fire zone where I probably could've gotten a few, but the idea of potentially shooting refugees from that fire was just too much. So I sat out the season.

A friend in Oregon did the same with elk hunting this year - said she couldn't have lived with herself if she shot an elk and discovered burn scars from one of the many fires in her region.

Of course the reality is we can rarely know whether the individual animals we eat had narrowly escaped some peril. But knowing they might have changes the equation.

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