Secrets Are For Sharing: Chit Chat #17

What’s a secret spot you’re willing to share?

Florblanca in Costa Rica

Loyal reader Mike Stamm suggested a chit chat topic I thought was perfect. He wrote:

“I'd love to hear from people about their unexpected hidden gem experiences from their travels. I would trust your subscribers over other travel sites, and I would personally hunt such places down. Here's one: The amazing Italian food served at the Pecora Nera in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica. It's a small standalone restaurant run by an expat chef from Italy.”

I know what you’re thinking, if I share it, will it become less special, or overrun, or somehow will my experience be lessened next time I go?

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I think the exact opposite: we are only as sick as our secrets. We must support businesses of all types all around the world, from the hidden gem in your home town to the place halfway across the world that you long to return to. Share your hidden gems, you wont regret it.

Here are a few of my favorite secret spots.

  • Florblanca in Costa Rica, my go-to get away spot 

  • Ramiro in Lisbon, one of my favorite restaurants on planet earth 

  • Blackberry Mountain for that domestic long weekend of pure bliss 

  • Piggyback in NYC, my kind of inspired snacky street food and a great bar 

What’s a secret spot you’re willing to share? Put them in the comments (with links if they have a website)!

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