The animal I feel most guilty for loving to eat: AMA #2

Plus, what I'm eating less of these days.

You asked me anything. I answered.

Last week, I launched this weekly AMA (ask me anything), and wow— so fun. I loved reading through your questions, and picking a few to answer. Wish I could’ve gotten to more, but hey— we will do this for as long as you have questions for me.

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This week’s AMA questions:

Kathy G.
What ingredient do you find the most challenging to work with? And any advice for overcoming the difficulties? 

Check out these croissants from my friend, Zoe Francois… why would I even try to make these when she (and many others) are so good at it?

Larry J.
As we get older (not that you are old ) we sometime give up eating certain foods as much. What foods do you eat less of and which do you eat more of?

Holly H.
What is the animal, if any, that you feel most guilty about loving to eat? (You know I'm not judging, lol...).

Fried sparrows in Hanoi, Vietnam— same idea. Totally delicious. Sorry, buddy.

Want to me answer your questions next week? Drop it in the comments!

When I say ask me anything, I really mean anything. Get creative, thought-provoking, or just plain weird with your questions— guarantee those are the things I’m mostly likely to answer.

Have a great weekend! -AZ

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