The Pain of a Mediocre Bagel: Chit Chat #12

Having a religious experience at Langer’s Deli in LA. Dang this place is good.

We all come back from travels wishing that we had a ________ in our own home towns. For example:

A legit, premium Japanese sushi bar that’s different from all the look-alike places with the SAME MENU. 

A great place for REAL Peking duck.

A bagel with a real crust and real chew, regardless of whether you like Montreal-style bagels or New York City ones. 

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You get me. I live in the Twin Cities, and we still don’t have a real high-quality Jewish Deli. Or a sublime Korean BBQ spot. And I think both would do amazingly well here.

So what is it for you where you live? You get a magic wish. What type of eatery do you want to open tomorrow in your town. Share in the comments!

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