Thank you Chef, for your response to my past cassoulet challenges. Trying to make this recipe has always been challenging. The biggest obstacle has always been sourcing all of the hard to find ingredients As a result I have not attempted to make it for some time.

However as you pointed out, most of the hard to find ingredients seem to be available locally. I think I may have more options online as well. Trying to find Toulouse Sausage always throws me into a tailspin. With the right planning I think I can execute it successfully.

Thank for the pep talk. Halftime is over, time to get back in there and win one for the gipper

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I'm getting married next summer and starting to think about what items to put on my registry. Any definite yes's and not-worth-it no's that you can recommend for a home cook looking for kitchen tool upgrades? So many affiliate articles out there with paid for suggestions and I'm trying to narrow things down.

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Regarding Dog # 3. I need you to get back to me as soon as you possibly can. It is imperative.

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