Discussion thread #1

Hey everyone,

I think the week one chat thread is kind of obvious, but it fits and if we all take it seriously, A LOT will be revealed about ourselves and our community.

So, I get asked all the time, when global travel restrictions are over, where is your big trip going to be, what will be planned? And why?

Let me know about WHERE, but I want to know why and what you will do there. 

For me it’s Samoa or Botswana. I want to get far away, you know that I like the last stop on the subway. I want to experience real traveling. I want to connect with people who have one foot in 2022 and another in their ancient indigenous cultures. I want to be somewhere that my phone may not work and my laptop is worthless. I want to eat food I can’t get anywhere else, literally. I want to be on Lalomanu Beach in Samoa, or in the Aha Hills of Botswana for a sunset.

How about you, where is your next big trip and why?