Beach or Mountains? Chit Chat #13

Skiing with my dad. Crossword puzzles on the beach. Hard to pick.

What’s your preference: Beach or Mountains?

It’s March… and globally it’s come in like a lion, but not in the typical ways we expected. All our hearts here at Spilled Milk are with the people of Ukraine. Along with the development of a Russian invasion, this past week saw the release of a United Nations study that says our global climate crisis is worse than we ever imagined. Horrific weather events are plaguing, and will only increase, in our coastal and tropical communities and ski resorts especially here in the USA may not be viable at all in 10 years time.

So with all this pleasant news in the headlines, where are you headed for spring break or your next vacation: to the beach or to the mountains? Or somewhere else? I am really curious what you all think.